Dog Collars, Personalised, Engraved, Natural leather, Leash optional

Make sure that your hairy friend is stylish and comfortable with the Timberwolf leather collar and leash. The Timberwolf range unites the excellent quality leather with superb tailoring for a lasting and cute accessory for your dog. The Timberwolf collar features top-grain bridle leather that has been hand-crafted by the experienced workforce in England. Quality top-grain leather is a perfect material for collars as it is incredibly strong, but supple, softening over time but remaining sturdy for a reliable collar that is comfortable for your dog to wear. The Timberwolf collar is treated with 3M leather protector to prevent staining from the water. Protector provides a water repellent barrier that should help to prevent damage occurring to the collar for example from cracking or splitting caused by folding the collar or the outside elements, which could result in an inferior dog collar needing to replace earlier than expected. Also tanned with 100% natural fats a collar is protected from dirt, oil and remain supple and improve long-term durability when cold these natural fats sometimes migrate to the surface of the leather collar, leaving a white wax-like residue, that can be easily removed with a soft cloth. The edges of Timberwolf leather dog collars have also stitched on both sides with sturdy industrial nylon bonded thread for extra strength, to ensure the collars not only look good but are tough too. The opulent design of the collar finished with a large solid D-ring and die-cast buckle for simple adjustment and almost any lead to be attached to it.

The Timberwolf collar is available in 5 traditional finishes: blue, light brown, dark brown, red and green.

Non-personalised Timberwolf leash is available in the same style and colour to complement the Timberwolf leather collars. We do not personalise leashes.

Key features of the Timberwolf leather collar:

Softer and supple than traditional leather collars
Industrial nylon bonded thread
Heavy duty die-cast hardware
Solid D-ring


Only collars can be personalised.

We can engrave your telephone number, your address or a special message directly on the collar.

Please be very careful when sending your details: we will copy and paste the information provided. The engraving position is at our discretion.

Don't forget to update if you move house or change your number!

Available in five colours:

Light brown
Dark brown

Sizes for dark brown, light brown and blue collars:

Extra small - Length - 11"/28cm; Neck circumference 22-26cm (8.66"-10.24"), Width: 15mm (0.59")

Small - Length - 15"/38cm; Neck circumference 26-36cm (10.24"-14.17"), Width: 16mm (0.63")

Medium - Length - 19"/48cm; Neck circumference 36-46cm (14.17"-18.11"), Width: 19mm (0.75")

Large - Length - 23"/60cm; Neck circumference 46-58cm (18.11"-22.84"), Width: 25mm (0.98")

Sizes for green and red collars:

Extra small - Length - 12"/30.48cm; Neck circumference 20-26cm (7.87"-10.24"), Width: 15mm (0.59")

Small - Length - 16"/40.64cm; Neck circumference 28-36cm (11"-14.17"), Width: 16mm (0.63")

Medium - Length - 18"/45.72cm; Neck circumference 35-43cm (13.78"-16.93"), Width: 19mm (0.75")

Large - Length - 22"/55.88cm; Neck circumference 45-54cm (17.72"-21.26"), Width: 25mm (0.98")

Leash size:

Leash - Length - 1m (39.37"), Width - 19mm (0.75") - Max weight 50kg

Leash colour will be matched to the collar's colour.

Legal Disclaimer

Collars and leashes are sturdy, but they are not indestructible, we cannot be held responsible for items that become worn due to general use.

We cannot guarantee the length of time collar and leads will last your dogs, as this is down to the individual dog's chewing/tearing abilities. Please do not leave unsupervised with your pet.

Caution: Proper supervision is advised when playing with the collar to ensure no accidental swallowing. This collar should be regularly inspected to ensure there is no damage. If any damage is seen, then the collar should be discarded.

Engraved text on leather always will be better visible in daylight and angled view. In straight view, the text will be hardly noticeable. Product images accurately show what you will receive.

Customer Reviews

Based on 109 reviews
Shirley B.
Dog collar

I was very pleased with my purchase, and have had comments from fellow dog owners.
Especially the engraved phone number being easy to access should your pet disappear helping to reunite quickly. Thank you

Julia H.
Lovely collar until it stretched

The collar looked lovely but it stretched so much over the first two weeks that it was too big for her to wear safely. Couldn’t make extra holes because of the engraving. Glad I didn’t throw her old one away

Carole W.
Lovely engraved collar

I live the collar and it’s engraving, but only one thing is that the ring for the lead to hook onto is just slightly too small?.
I find it difficult attaching his lead to it ? But apart from that it’s very good!!