7 Reasons Why You Need Pet ID Tag

Donald Bullground | 27 August, 2018

            7 Reasons Why You Need Pet ID Tag

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It has been proved from various researches that are just seeing cat videos on the internet can boost your energy to a certain level and create good emotions, and that is only by viewing cat videos, imagine how much beneficial it is to have an actual cat as a pet. Pet cats help you to cope up with the problematic emotional situations where you have lost your loved one. Cats are proved to be the best pet when it comes to such situations as they help people to get over with their loss more quickly. They with your cute faces and adorable actions won’t let you feel lonely even you are living alone and single. They decrease your stress level and increase your heart's health. There is a common myth that dogs are friendlier than cats, but this is not a case. In actual, cats are just as good friends as dogs, particularly for ladies. If you have a pet cat, it is your moral and ethical duty to take its care and keep it safe form all kind of threats and losses. Just imagine a situation where you have lost your cat, and there is no identification on the cat so that somebody who found it could return it to you and you have lost your loving companion forever. We have a solution; which is to tag your cat with our premium custom engraved tags. Below are the seven reasons that why you should consider giving an ID badge to your pet cat.



The fundamental reason for having a cat colour with ID and contact information engraved on it is that pets get lost all the time, and contact information helps the finder to return it to the owner of the cat. According to a study conducted in 2012. 15 per cent of dog and cat owners in the UK lost their pets, and the chances of finding the lost dog are 93 per cent whereas the chances of finding your lost cat are just 75 per cent. It tells that using ID tags for cats is more important than using ID tags on dogs because dogs are genetically engineered by nature to find their way home, but cats are not, it is difficult for them to find their way home. Our premium quality custom engraved ID badges for cats and dogs are the best solution to this problem. You can get any information such as name, contact number or license ID with precision. We have a huge variety of pet ID badges in wood and acrylic with various designs, shapes, and colours that look beautiful any collar. If your cat has lost its way home, somebody can return it quickly just by reading contact information engraved on ID, and you can get your beloved cat back.



We provide engraving services as well with the cat ID badges that means when you place your order, tell us what you want to engrave on your medal, and we would print precisely that on your tags and deliver it on your doorstep. We recommend using your contact information/address and name on ID badge as it is the quickest and easiest way for somebody to contact you. So, if you lose your pet somewhere far away from home, the person who finds the pet will give you a call, and you will get your pet back. People get the name of pet engraved on their badge, but we recommend getting contact information printed on it so that it could be beneficial as well. We have highly trained staff and the particular computerised machine that engraves you required text on ID tags with high precision and style, and of course, you can select from the list of our fonts and styles, wood types and colours and even acrylic if you want. We have everything that you need.



Currently, there are several tagging companies are out there tagging pets, the technology is old, and it required a particular scanner to scan and read pet microchip. It is a complicated and challenging way of finding lost dogs. Although now a day’s vet clinics use universal scanners that can scan all kind of badges but still some models and versions can be scanned by them, making them unusable so what is the benefit of such tags which can fulfil their purpose. Our engraved ID tags are simpler and elegant solution to ID your pet cat. Anybody who can read can quickly get your pet to you or can call you that he has found your cat. Its much more straightforward than complicated computer chips and also give your cats, a touch of fashion and style. You can select your pet ID tag from a variety of design, material and wood types and colours. We will undoubtedly have a piece that would suit your need and don't worry about the price it is just 2.95 which is a pretty great deal. Isn't it?



Most of the countries that require license tags on the pets as a legal requirement so you can compliment that tag with our custom made engraved tags that would look elegant with the license tags. If you want to make a statement with the tags on your cat, you can use more than one tag with different information on it and mix and match it various kinds of collars to find your perfect match.



Usually, pet owners are very much troubled by the noisy pet tags. Wherever the cat goes, the noise follows this is another reason that cat owners avoid pet tags but our pet ID tags don't make any noise especially the range of our wooden tags. We use a variety of woods for our pet tags, and that is why our tags don’t make any noise. They are recommended for those who are noise conscious because they are very light and small but looks beautiful on your pet cat. You can choose from the variety of woods such as Mahogany, Basswood, Obeche, Walnut, Spruce and Oak Wood in various colours such as Brown, Golden, Chocolate, and Smokey. Our custom engraved tags will not only look elegant but will fill the purpose without creating noise.



Pet cats are your friendly companions so as you take care of your fashion, and you should give them stylish look as well. We have very elegant ID tags for pets which can go with any smart or straightforward cat collar. Select a collar of your choice, mix and match pet tags with that collar and get your required look with that. We have several types of wooden tags with various textures and designs that provide an elegant and classy look to your cat with giving identification. We also have acrylic or plastic tags which give a fancy and stylish look to your pet with our vibrant range of colours. The best thing is that you can have more than one pet tag engraved according to your style needs burdening your pocket as our engraved pet tags are very economical starting at 2.95. That is a pretty great deal.



You can gift your loved ones with our custom engraved ID tags for their pets by ordering your own designed ID tags for them as a token of love. You can complement it with a matching cat collar, and they would love the gift. Everybody loves pet gifts so why not gift a set of these elegant ID badges this Christmas so that your loved ones can give stylish looks to their cats and save them from getting lost.



While tagging your pet with the custom ID tags do not forget about the safety of your cats. Collar too tight can suffocate your cat whereas tags too loose can have the possibility of falling off the collar. Lose tags are also dangerous as if they can reach their mouth they would try to chew or swallow the tag resulting in health condition. So always tighten the collar appropriately so that it is neither too loose not too tight. Check the Cat IDs regularly as if your cat is very active the tag can fade with the passage of time so periodically check the ID tags of your cats and replace the tags when it is unreadable. Even though it looks annoying and unnecessary but think that your cat is lost with a tag and somebody has found it but the information written on the tag is unreadable, and the stranger cant returns your cat. Although our engraved tags are very durable but with the wear and tear, the text can be erased in a year or two.



Pet IDs are the best way to keep your pet from getting lost as whoever will find your cat will contact the given number, and you will get your pet back. There are several kinds of pet ID tags are available out there in the market, but no other product can compete with our custom designed and engraved pet ID tags because our specialised teams engrave these tags with special laser machines precisely which give perfect finishing and elegant look. We have several kinds of pet IDs with different woods and other materials. We are sure that your cats will love these stylish and fancy ID tags, all you need is a cat collar for your cat, and you're good to go. These tags are small in size and can look beautiful any collar. Our tags don’t make noise, so you don’t need to worry about the collar noise that follows the cat. Order your personalised engraved tag today and give a stylish look to your pet and contribute to its safety at the same time. You can see various kind of engraved ID tags here.


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