14 Things to Consider While Choosing Nameplates for Homes

Donald Bullground | 06 August, 2018

            14 Things to Consider While Choosing Nameplates for Homes


Have you bought a new house? Do you want any help regarding house plagues? Do you want to make guests’ approach to your new home easily and timely? Then, it’s time to take a look at address plaques and home address plates to boost your curb with great options and make a welcoming first impression on guests.

Our plagues will help to make your home address easily readable from the street. You can hang them on your porch area, main gate or driveway depending upon your location. Choose it online from our National Engraver store and personalized it by your address and favorite lettering font.

But styling comes with hundreds of patterns, and they are available in huge varieties. They varied from simple white clay texture to most creative architecture style. Similarly, font types also come in traditional and modern lettering.



Cities rules used to vary with different home plague hangings. Some offers to display them to be at least 4 inches tall, so that, visitors would easily see them from the street but some offer no rules. So, it’s best to check mounted rules before installation.



If you own a house, a bungalow, farmhouse, or an independent dwelling. Then, the nameplate should be placed at your main gate. If you own an apartment or a flat, you should put a nameplate on your door or a sidewall of your door.



You should clear about fixing things either on wall or gate. Mostly people hard to find an answer when it comes to placing it. Because there is no underlying trend following regarding it. Few fix their nameplate on their door, or other preferred it on a wall. Well, keeping things simple, always set them on your wall.

No doubt, it’s always a good option as there is no harm related to being broken and easily accessible to first-time visitors of your home.  If you fix it on a door, then fixtures are more open to becoming loose with a passage of time, and it might break after year or 2 years. Plus, its visibility would be lost if you want to open your door for a while and it makes new arrivals challenging to find your apartment



Always go for contrast while choosing nameplate. It’s the best choice as it makes the nameplate more visible to visitors. So, don’t take it for granted and consider the color of the background. And if you're opting to use glass nameplate, then make sure that lettering font would be in prominent colors. As it makes your home plate visible against a wall.



Give all relevant specific information on your address plate. Don’t use shortcuts as people mostly used to do. They mention surnames in address bar rather than writing their full names. It great fuss or confusion among new visitors, if there are multiple similar or same names, are living in adjacent houses or same street or same housing locality. So, showcasing your exact information is essential in this case, i.e., mention full name with flat numbers.



House plagues must have cleared house numerals so that it will be easy to relocate house in case of emergency. Failure in appearance will hinder the response of ambulance, fire and law enforcement who may want to find an address quickly during an emergency. Similarly, if you live in off roadway and you don’t owe mailbox, then place a sign displaying your address at the end of the driveway.

Ensure that your all information is readable even from 2 or 3-foot distance. Recommended size of letters is 3 inches If your nameplate is just outside the flat. Conversely, letter size should be around 4 inches, if you owe an own house. You may ask it for each detail by contacting to nameplate maker directly or ask from National Engraver info forum while ordering.



If your name or address plate is facing shadows or poor lighting, then it's not doing a good work/job. It is best to illuminate your nameplate with proper light so that, it will be visible to every pass-by. Enlighten it by using LED light as it’s an energy efficient and best lighting option for long-run. People use to go for incandescent lamps, but friendly speaking, it's not a good option. It may look cost effective on a first purchase but would fuse very early.



Well, it’s a thing that is exposed to all environmental elements. So, there is a great need to protect it with all hustles and punches of weather and fungus. Around 75% times, house numbers have constructed that suit all weather by finishing their seal with lacquer.  Make sure that your nameplate is weather protected. If you’re buying it, don’t hesitate to invest in it. As this little investment will, no doubt, give you long run returns by protecting your all information in its specific classical style for years to come.



Nowadays, many nameplates are coming with the easy installation procedure. Even, you don’t need to give a call to the fixer. It’s an open choice either to go for nameplates that can fix with screws or hook or permanently glued. But make sure that whatever procedure you endorsed, it must be a long run. If you don’t know a simple fixation work, call an expert to fix it. National Engraver house signs come with all necessary fixtures for easy installation. It eliminates a need to visit a hardware shop.



Is everything in your life revolve around what’s suits your zodiac signs? Well, there is a considerable number of people that still can’t start their day without reading about their zodiac signs say about. If your life is revolving around it or want anything unique with emblem signs. Then, National Engraver gives a vast variety of custom made emblem signs options with a wide range of colored nameplates.

It not only signifies your belongings but also gives a warm welcome and bless a dwelling with good vibes. Australia’s most talented makers of nameplates make a variety of option available at their store. 



People follow their trends while choosing. It's good to accept whatever the way you like most or make your own. You can select any of the options that are given below:

•    Iconic cement engraved style nameplates: One school of thought prefer it because they think that its best for bad weathers and rainy friendly.

•    Stainless steel nameplate: If it is beautifully crafted, then, no doubt it’s an excellent choice for many years to come.

•    Wood or glass nameplate: While in case of farmhouses or butterfly houses, people mostly give preference to unique designed offered in wood, clear glass and rote iron that are weatherproof for sure. So that, it creates a lasting impression on its visitors. 

•    Victorian curve design nameplates: Some prefer these nameplates to make their main door appearance eye-catching with its heritage revival possession.

•    Calligraphically embed nameplates: Mostly celebrities or renown personalities use their nameplates as a showpiece and write their names in calligraphy fonts embed either in glass or stone nameplate to welcome folks. It now becomes trendy among other people too.

•    Stone based nameplates: Few places their name and address plates on some specific stones, i.e., stones that are beautifully cut in a way that it looks elegant and solid in its way.

•    Crafted nameplates: Others use entirely bordered crafted nameplate and write their names in signature style within.

•    DIY nameplates: All people are by-birth creative and try to make everything on their own. If you are running out of money or you want to be creative, then you can make your house number plate by using this budgeted DIY. Naturally, the materials required are house numbers, paint sticks, stain, polyurethane, gorilla glue and pre-cut plywood. Just, cut your painted sticks to be 1 inch wider than your plywood. Attach these paint sticks to your plywood board using gorilla glue. Grate the edges, stain the bat and give a coat of polyurethane to entire piece for a classy look. Attach house numbers as per given instruction and then hang it on your apartment or main door of your house. No doubt, it looks incredible in its way. You can try another DIY of your own choice as creativity look trendier and more attractive always!



Well, the material is available in many options, i.e., metal, plastic, glass, acrylic, fabrics, and wood. But a selection of acrylic material for name plating purpose is favourite among customers. As they are lightweight, stronger and give a clear glass look from distance.  Marks can be removed easily to maintain its look and much safer than glass. National Engraver uses the best quality of acrylic so that you always receive perfect home plague signs every time. They are carefully manufactured in a way that quality won't compromise in any step of processing. They are laser cut from borders to give crystal clear edges end. Plus, they have proven ability to resist all effects of outdoor extreme or severe temperatures and environment. You can mount it on brick and vinyl siding by using screws. It represents your street and house address directly in the best way.



There are some basic rules regarding the naming of streets and house numbers that everyone should consider.

•    Don’t ever use the word “the” in the start of your building or street name.

•    Block names should be ended with suffixes, i.e., house, court, lodge, apartments, mansions- residentials only, point- high block residential, tower or heights for upper block residential.

•    Be careful, don’t repeat the name of road or building name or any house name for your private residential house. 

•    If a road is continuous and crosses over some important junction, then word North, East, West, and South is acceptable.

•    Private garages and buildings’ garages should not be numbered to avoid confusion.

•    Don’t use excessive punctuation marks except for the abbreviation of St. Paul.

•    Flats should numbered rather than lettering.

•    Use correct numerical sequence for street numbering.

•    Named building should have only one assigned number in one street. So that, manipulation of numbering would be avoided.


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