Personalised Cat Collar Kitten Kitty ID Standard Ancol Elasticated Felt Backed Engraved

The Personalised Ancol Standard Cat Collars are made with the most excellent pieces of materials best used for creating durable collars: each collar is made from soft, comfortable, durable materials and is highly waterproof. These standard collars give your cat a stylish look without any discomfort. Collars are designed with a handy bell on each strap giving you the advantage of knowing if your cat is in action, lets you hear when your cat is coming and helping warn birds or any nearby wildlife that's about to get eaten and discourage your cat from bringing home any unwanted presents.

You can pick one of the metallic buckle design non-reflective collars from the list in either Silver, Gold, Red, Blue or Black. Safety elastic ensures that your cat won't get stuck anywhere it shouldn't: the collar is designed to stretch, allowing your cat to get free if the collar gets caught.

Key features of the Ancol Standard Cat Collar:

  • Made with durable materials best used for long-lasting pet collars
  • Designed with adjustable straps for your pet's comfort
  • Made from soft, lightweight, colourful materials ideally suited to cats
  • Designed with a bell, so you'll know whether your cat is in action
  • Made of safety elastic which is designed to expand so if the collar gets caught your cat can easily break free

Available in five different colours (Please read the "Disclaimer"):


Please note: these all come without the backing card.


Lenght: 20cm - 30cmm / 8" - 12"

Material: Felt

Card: No card included.

Collars are adjustable from 20 cm to 30 cm and tend to fit from around six months, but it depends on the breed and the size. For your cat's safety and comfort, you should wait until it is at least six months old and the collar will fit accordingly. By the guideline is that you should be able to put in only 1-2 flat fingers between the collar and the neck, that it's comfortable but not loose.


All collars can be personalised. (Please read the "Disclaimer")

Give your kitten the chance of getting back home with one of our personalised cat collars: with engraved your telephone number, your address or a special message directly on the collar. Special symbols/images/emoji won't be included (i.e. heart, dog face etc.) and the product will be dispatched without sending a notification email.

Even if your cat is microchipped, the personalised cat collar means you can be contacted sooner if your cat gets lost or injured.

Please choose between two fonts to engrave: Handwrite and Typewrite. Engraving font sizes will vary according to the length of the wording.

Please be very careful when sending your details: we will engrave your words exactly as you send them to us. We will copy and paste your information provided. Font won't be changed, and engraving position is at our discretion.

Don’t forget to update if you move house or change your number!


Little burns are typical due to engraving.


Collars are sturdy, but they are not indestructible, we cannot be held responsible for items that become worn due to general use.

We cannot guarantee the length of time collar will last your cats, as this is down to the individual cat's chewing/tearing abilities. Please do not leave unsupervised with your pet.

Caution: Proper supervision is advised when playing with the collar to ensure no accidental swallowing. This collar should be regularly inspected to ensure there is no damage. If any damage is seen, then the collar should be discarded.


Engraved text on black and gold colour collar always will be better visible in daylight and angled view. In straight view, the text will be hardly noticeable. Product images accurately show what you will receive.


Please remove collar before using flea or worm spot-on treatment.

Collars made by Ancol (UK).

*** Personalised by National Engraver in North West of England ***

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Good quality collars

As pictured, good quality, prompt delivery. Cats seem comfortable wearing them and the buckles stay fast...we have had problems in the past with the buckles working too loose or too tight on other collars so very happy with these.

Super Collars

These are lovely little collars for my two kittens very well made and look very smart. Would recommend