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This Ancol collar was designed to mimic the traditional whipped and greyhound collar styles, and it comes with high-quality bridle leathers that provide an incredibly comfortable and attractive look.
Thanks to a clean and easy design, you can easily look at the collar and marvel at its beauty. The durability and sturdiness of leather also make it very ideal as a material for dogs. It is water-resistant and strong, and its long-lasting nature means that your dog will be able to move, get in and out of places with great ease
However, despite the immense strength of this product, you’ll also appreciate its natural flexibility. It becomes softer with continuous use, meaning that it will continue to be comfortable for your dog. A simple adjustment is possible with the help of the sturdy buckle, and you also get a large, solid D ring that ensures easy attachment.
Ancol also provides Timberwolf Leather leads in the same style and colour as the Greyhound Collar the collar is available in sable and blue colour variants, and all collars can be personalised.
The collar is, without a doubt, a proper investment. Watch your pet strut around the place in a stylish, comfortable collar all day long.

Available in three colours:
Light Brown
Dark Brown


Size 2:
Lenght - 14"/35cm - To fit sizes 30-34cm (11.81"-13.39")
Width (widest in the middle of collar) ~5,9cm (~2.32");
Width (narrowest at the ends of collar) ~2,4cm (~0.95")

Size 4/5:
Length - 18"/45cm - To fit sizes 34-43cm (13.39"-16.93")
Width (widest in the middle of collar) ~4,4cm (~1.73");
Width (narrowest at the ends of collar) ~1,4cm (~0.55")

Collar thickness (aproax): ~2.7mm-3.2mm (~0.1"-0.13")


Timberwolf Leather Lead/Leash - Length - 60cm (23.62"), Width - 19mm (0.75") - Max weight 50kg

Timberwolf Leather Lead/Leash - Length - 1m (39.37"), Width - 19mm (0.75") - Max weight 50kg

Lead colour will be matched to the collar's colour.


We can personalise only collars.

This personalisation includes engraving your phone number, address or some other special message on the collar. However, we won’t include special symbols, images or emojis.

Engraving will be done with either of two fonts; Handwrite and Typewrite. The length of the words will determine the font’s size.

Please be very careful when sending your details. The words will be engraved just as they are sent to us, as we copy and paste the information we receive. The font won’t be changed, and the engraving position is at our discretion.

Also, remember to update us if you change your number or move to another location!


Engravings can cause little burns.


While collars and leads are sturdy, they aren’t indestructible. To wit, we won’t be held responsible for use-related damage.

We also can’t guarantee how long the collars and leads will last your dogs. This is determined by the dog’s chewing/tearing abilities. To help with this, however, try not to leave collars and leads unsupervised with your pet.

Caution: Proper supervision is advised when playing with the collar in order to guard against accidental swallowing. The collar should also be regularly inspected to avoid unwanted damage. Upon damage notice, the collar should be discarded.


Material: Leather
Fastening: Metal buckle
Care Instructions: Wipe clean only


Engraved text on leather always will be better visible in daylight and angled view. In a straight view, the text will be hardly noticeable. Product images accurately show what you will receive.

Since all our products are made to order and leather is a natural material, it is possible for shades to vary, and we cannot guarantee an exact match of colour to the images shown.

Collars, leads/leashes and chains made by Ancol (UK).

*** Personalised by National Engraver in North West of England ***

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