13 Pro Tips to Enlighten Your Home in the Best Way

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Lighting is one of the essentials things for your home. It’s an only mechanism that has a high impact on how every object of the house looks like. It’s not wrong to say that; all your massive investment in building a beautiful home goes to a bin if you didn’t plan a perfect lightening pattern of your home. It is an integral part that enlightens the complete appearance of your home from wall colour to rug carpet. So, don’t take it for granted. You can make your home’s outlook to the next level by adding different lighting patterns at different places.

National Engraver presents you 13 pro tips that one should consider while renovating or constructing homes in each section.



If your home has a considerable ceiling, that is mostly found in older homes, then try to fix gold pendants, and pendant lighting with long wire cord sets rather than investing your money in for-ceiling. As investment in for-ceiling in such older houses is the worst decision because you can’t ever be fully satisfied, as you’ll always find something irregular in your home. But if you accept the reality and decorate your home with some ancient touch, it not only looks beautiful but also revives heritage in its own best way.

Select ceiling fixtures by considering your exact ceiling height. If you’re using long pedant cores, then you should follow a standard rule of thumb. According to it, if your ceiling is 8-foot long, then the bottom of the light should hang about 12 to 20 inches below. Add 3 inches for each additional foot of ceiling height. If you’re using pendant light cord set, then 28 to 35 inches is usually recommended assigned distance to hop light from the surface table. Conversely, if you’re using small lightbulbs, then it can be moved lower and vice versa.



No doubt, well-lit room always looks more enchanting than lousy lit rooms. As eye focal point always catches the brighter end. You should vigilantly act and fit right circuits/ lights in a proper position. Use a network of LED lights all around your home and avoid using incandescent bulbs. It’s not as efficient as LEDs. Nowadays, homeowners mostly prefer LED lighting over incandescent due to its money and power saving features. It might be costly at first-hand purchasing but they, no doubt, work for the long run as compared to incandescent lights. In 2018, It has been an ongoing discussion around the table among companies on how to produce cheaper LED lights.

It would help if you always considered types of light bulbs with light fixtures. All bulbs, i.e. halogen, neon, CFL compact fluorescent and LED comes with a wide range of hues. Try to select shades that complement your wall colours or overall theme. If your walls are covered in a cooler or lighter tone, then you should choose those lightbulb hues that give a warm glow and vice versa. You should use one company bulbs so that light will evenly distribute or lit complete home in the same font.



Make your home entrance perfectly lit in a way that incoming guests can admire you lightening choices; while walking from the entrance gate to the drawing room or a lounge. At your entrance, place a medium or large size chandelier, either wooden lighting hanging piece or a brass lighting at a centre before the entry. Its brighter light will work as a fresh and warm welcome to guests.

While making the whole passage walk appealing by installing small spot ceiling lights. Around 4 to 5 lights are enough in a 4-meter walk from the entrance to the drawing room area, as these little lights will perfectly illuminate the passage area.

If you have a limited budget and can’t afford a wall art, then don’t worry. There is a variety of reasonable posters available on the market. It can be used as a decorative material, and you can vigilantly use them or do some DIYs with lighting scheme and place them in your entrance.



In your lounge areas, install lights inside the pillars. It gives cosy and relaxing impact on the first sight. No doubt, these little installations lift your whole lounge. You can also enlighten your lounge main sitting area by adding a large or medium size industrial lighting fixture in centre and number of spotlights on corners of a for-ceiling. It will help to lift the beauty your main area.

Lighten up all your media walls in a lounge area with proper placement of low voltage lamps on the frame corners. Try not to use a vast number of decorative items in your lounge area as no doubt; simplicity is the ultimate sophistication in any area. If you properly install lights in the right places, then you don’t need to invest in buying more expensive decorative items.

Nowadays, Black chrome lights pendants are considered a modern edition of heritage enriched rooms. It goes best with a surrounding of a sculptural room with wooden engraved walls. Not only black chrome hangings but also their lamps are getting popularity among customers from last three years; its stylish shiny look is now making its place even in the lounges. The installation of a pair of sculptural sconces on a lounge area or passage is, no doubt, a pronounced way to add interest and illuminate an empty and dull wall.



Try your best to brighten your mantel with a pair of accent lamps. It’s very common from the past; people used to place decorative items there, but, friendly speaking, it will make your mantel display dull and dark if you don’t collaborate in that area with proper lights.



Lighting usage depends on the structure of your home. If it’s more open to nature, i.e. glass doors and windows, then it will decrease the demand for more artificial lights in the daytime.

One medium-size Wooden Pendant light cord set is best for a sunroom space. It gives a cosy effect while enjoying evening snacks with a family. Plus, don’t forget to play with colours; add a brass sconce in one corner of a sunroom as this brass colour complement a wooden texture.



Install copper lighting or gold pendants in the centre of a staircase as it is capable of lifting up the beauty of that area with its specific colour. Our store at National Engraver has a considerable variety of copper lights, covered with all type of quality bases to make your home up to date with popular home interior trends. In a staircase, if your home is under construction, then make sure that you should make glass panels in your main open sided wall and fix tape or spotlights inside it as it will create a flawless and stunning look.



Use brass lights or industrial lighting in your dining areas with dimmer lighting switches. As dimmed lights owe great flexibility and have the power to change your bad mood. It can convert a formal conversation on a dining table into romantic dinners. So, try your best to keep your dining rooms lighting dimmer other than utility rooms.



When it comes to showcasing your art collection, Copper and ceiling mounted lights are best to use as an accent lighting. It will help to highlight a textured wall, sculpture, and art in its best way. There are varieties of option available to enlighten your art collection, i.e. picture lights, tape lights, wall washers etc. But nothing can replace copper and ceiling mounted lights.



In a living room, centrepiece, in the form of light fixture will beautifully complete the theme of your room. It can be either in the form of a medium or large chandelier or a gold hanging pendant. Don’t forget to install a dimmer switch, so that, you can adjust light according to atmosphere and mood. As it can turn the moods on by making you calm with its ambient features.

If a bedroom doesn’t have much access to natural light and missing room terrace, then a single centred or cornered ceiling fixture is not enough for it. Install multiple overhead small spotlights on the ceiling. Use copper lighting and pendant lighting in a corner above coffee chairs as it lifts an overall look of your room. It creates a unique aesthetic appeal when it hangs above a coffee chair. It is now considered among popular home interior trends.

Add sconces to an empty wall. It’s now have become trendy in markets, and people use it as a replacement for side table lamps. They are, no doubt, ideal for small and congested areas as they don’t cover or take up space on tables or floors. Depending on location, use wall sconces, i.e. chrome lights wherever you find a dull little corner, install a chrome light, and it will create a softer ambience at that place.



If you have congested and down ceiling kitchen, then Strip lights under the side cabinets look fabulous as it brightens your base area and gives comfy effect at first sight. While, if you have a substantial occupational space in the kitchen and a centred worktop option, then go for pendant lighting hangings or install downlighters over a shelf. It will help to illuminate foods prep shelves and washbasins, thus, throws a perfect light at focused areas if adequately fixed. Don’t make a fuss by adjusting them in a standing or corner areas, as this will give a substantial look and cast shadows in surrounded areas.



Install two wall lights on sides of mirrors especially in bathrooms and dressing table case. It will look more active and modernised scheme in this century. Use ceiling spotlight directly on a rooftop for highlighting washbasins of washrooms and pendant lighting at a centre washroom. Don’t forget to place a light above you towel stand to highlight your towels. A mixture of soft towel texture with dim light gives a softer look to this hard-shell place.

Coloured shades of light fixture can be used to add some fun and interest in a simple place. So, don’t hesitate to use or play with coloured lamps with a gold pendant or pendant light fixtures.



You can change the entire look of your all rooms with a wide range of lamps options. You can set them easily in any corner of your room. Lamps with a long, bendable lever will change your room’s theme into a relaxed ambience instantly.